Al Salam stages the Syrian- German Tabu

Cairo, September 5, 2023


The Syrian- German theatrical dancing show “Tabu”, directed by Mohamed Diban, was staged at Al Salam Theatre as part of the official competition performances of the 30th CIFET, headed by Dr. Sameh Mahran

Tabu is an experiment in which various human issues are expressed. The performance is distinguished by the use of a wide range of captivating aesthetic skills, such as accelerated steps, interlocked bodies, a flow of sequential movements, lines drawn to the rhythm of loud music, and harmonious gestures. The performance simulates diverse cultures and human expressions through movement and dance

The performance’s main theme is that, despite modernity, we are still buried in taboos that we are afraid of confronting or discussing, as each of us has his own taboo that he is always afraid to reveal. Taboo is the triangle whose corners are made up of sexual, political, and religious aspects, and it rules and has the most influence over humans

Tabu is a Syrian-German collaboration directed by Mohamed Diban, with choreographers Barissa Ayoub, Nadine Morchi, and Mohamed Diban, and dancers Mohamed Amin, Fadi Akad, Carla Antonia Weber, Oksana Choprinyuk, Mohamed Ali Dib, and Ina Jochar

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