Al Samer stages the Emirati performance premature List

Cairo, September 5, 2023


The Emirati performance “Premature List”, directed by Abdel Rahman Al Mulla was staged at Al Samer Theatre, as part of the official competition performances of the 30th CIFET, headed by Dr. Sameh Mahran and in the presence of the jury.  The performance addresses parents’ incorrect ways of raising their children

“Premature List” was written by Ali Jamal and directed by Abdul Rahman Al-Mulla, who also serves as scenographer. It starred Mohamedd Jumaa, Adel Sabet, Abeer Al Jasmi, Ghariba Al-Qaidi, and Samia

The term “premature” refers to a newborn who was born preterm due to an inability to fully develop and thus is incomplete. The incompleteness of growth here refers to all stages of his/her life, where the commands and prohibitions he receives from infancy to youth keep him stuck in an incomplete state until the end of life. He or she is simply a distorted personality incapable of taking actions or making decisions for his or her life as a result of the parents’ brutal authority, which directs the children’s lives according to the parents’ will not the children’s

The concept of the play is based on man’s development, and man cannot make any decisions from his birth until his death. He has no say over his name or even when he was born. It examines man’s life cycle from conception in his mother’s womb to his emergence into the world and growing up. The play addresses the issue of will and the extent to which a person can do what he wants, and this  aspect may convey many symbols and connotations as well as projections through a satiric, comic, caricature performance

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