For Heaven’s sake, Icarus, the second Egyptian performance at CIFET, tackles the Father-son relationship at Falaki Theater

Cairo, September 3, 2023


Falaki Theater at the American University in Cairo staged “For Heaven’s sake, Icarus” directed by Ahmed Ezzat El Alfy. It is the second Egyptian performance to participate in the official competition of the 30th CIFET, in the presence of the jury. The performance is interactive theater, alongside narration, characterization, and singing

This play tackles the complexities of the father-son relationship, as well as how fathers limit their children’s imagination and energy because they see themselves as guardians. At the end of the performance, it was emphasized that children have the right to dream, even if it means perishing, and the right to try new things and make mistakes in order to learn

The show’s poetical father-son story, inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, who spent his childhood trapped in the labyrinth with his father, the brilliant master craftsman Daedalus, breathes new life into an old myth. Throughout the performance, we accompany them on their journey to find a way out, a journey of combating despair. Why are we trapped here? Will we ever be able to get out? Will I be able to see my mother ever again? And many other questions plagued Icarus throughout his flight, until Icarus inspired his father with the brilliant idea of breaking free from the labyrinth, so that each of them could experience freedom and happiness for moments that would be remembered in history. You are cordially invited to enter the labyrinth

The performance was written by Benedikt Neustein, Claus Overkamp, and Christian Schaidlowsky, translated from German into English by Natalie Speer. The text was prepared and translated into Arabic by Mohamed Elhagrasy, and directed by Ahmed Ezzat Al-Alfy and was produced by the Workshop Theater Group in Hanover / Germany, and director Ahmed Ezzat Al-Alfi’s troupe. Daedalus, the father, was played by Mohamed Elhagrasy, and Icarus, the son, was played by Mustafa Al-Banna

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