(Walking and Falling )acting workshop in #CIFET28

This is an Acting-Improvisation workshop. During the first days of the workshop participants will work on structured improvisation and acting exercises to develop performance skills.

These improvisations are chosen for verbal and imaginative flexibility and to heighten the actor’s sense of reality.

We work through exercises that develop creative imagination, analysis of objectives, and responsibility towards the scene as a whole and towards each other as actors. Participants will work on object exercises that could be applied to scene or monologue work to find specific and detailed identification with the character. The goal is to discover and begin to work from one’s own sense of truth.

This workshop is designed to offer participants a dynamic engaging introduction to theatre training through the method of all major legends of contemporary theatre: Stanislavski, Meyerhold, Vakhtangov, Chekhov etc Participants will get acquainted with techniques for improving their skills on focus and concentration, connecting with others through active listening, understanding “stage presence” and opening their imaginations to playing characters. They will deal with previous circumstances, intentions, objectives, obstacles and conflicts.

Participants should wear loose clothes and bring a monologue of their own choice.