10 Workshops Within the Proceedings of the 29th Edition of CIFET

Instructors and Artists from Greece, Spain, America, Canada, Egypt, and Algeria

10 workshops are to be held within the proceedings of the 29th edition of Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater (CIFET) -headed by Dr. Gamal Yakout- tackling multiple elements of theatrical works. Moreover, the workshops are presented by artists from various countries and states: Greece, America, Canada, Algeria, and Egypt.

CIFET’s Director, Dr. Mohamed El-Shafei, states: some workshops are to be presented in a number of Egyptian governorates, aiming at highlighting the cultural rights of citizens in all Egyptian governorates and cities, and benefiting all lovers of the art of theater. The workshop committee is headed by director Khaled Galal.

Regarding the details of the workshops and the instructors’ names, El-Shafei points out: the Polish theatrical filmmaker, Daniel Arbaczewski is to present a workshop entitled “a performance journey through emotions”. The Greek director Maria Frangi and Greek artist Babis Makris are to present a workshop entitled “the making of the shadow theater”.

Additionally, a workshop entitled “going beyond nature in kinetic theater” will be presented by Juliana Frick, Hannah Gaff, and Nicolette Routhier from the USA. Thanassis Chalkias and Electra Gennata from Greece are to present a workshop entitled “theatrical masks”.

Furthermore, Spanish artist Tony Casla is to present a workshop entitled “faith theater”. Algerian artist, Mohamed Cherchell will present the workshop “actors’ preparation”. Besides, American scenographer John Hoey will present the workshop “projection mapping”. Canadian artist and director, Dominic Champagne is to present the workshop “who’s there… reflection on Hamlet”. In addition to this, Egyptian decorator, Hazem Shebl will present the workshop “scenography of theatrical performances” and Dr. Alaa Al-Basha will present the workshop “photography of theatrical performances”.

It is noteworthy that the 29th edition of CIFET is scheduled to take place between 1 and 8 September, under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevine El-Kilani.