Trainer Daniel Arbaczewski is to present a work shop in the 28th edition of Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre.

The workshop is based on acting movement training, in which the basis of the tasks is building dramatic paths through movement. The inspiration to create a situation are the participants’ original memories translated into movement, gesture and work with an object. A memory can be an emotion we remember from childhood, an image, an object, a rhythm, or an energy. The exercises are based on natural movement improvisations, where the actor’s body creates its own language, finds new meanings, gestures, confronts with the objects, materials, sounds and spaces. Thanks to this, original elementaries of movement memories are created. What counts in the workshop is the natural, free movement of each participant, dancing skills or experience aren’t needed for this.

Actor, director, pedagogue of theater. He graduaded of Drama State School in Wroclaw, School of Theater Education on Theatre Institute in Warsaw and Postgraduated Diploma Studies for Managers of Culture in Warsaw. He won a few artistic scholarships, (Programme Minister of Culture and Heritage of Poland) and artistic residency in international programme in Opera House La Monnaie in Brussels and . For sixteen years he was an actor on ensamble in Andersen Theatre in Lublin. After this he was a manager of Municipality Theater in Gliwice. Actually he work in Cracov in National Old Theater, where is responsible for educational programs. He directs performances, mostly for youth audience in many theaters in Poland and abroad.