Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre extends the show submission limit time till the end of August.

Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre board has decided to extend the time limit of the performances submission duration for the 28th edition of the festival till August 30th.

The festival is scheduled to kick off on next December 14th till December 19th 2021.Cifet will be bearing the costs of the full accommodation and domestic transportations for the participant troops up to 15 individuals.The participants will be accordingly required to bear any additional costs of flight tickets,equipment and decoration items shipping ..etc.

The selected performances will be carefully chosen by the festival’s scouting committee. It has to be mentioned also that the submission application would be automatically rejected if it did not include an attached video of the whole play.

The plays are to be participating either through the official competition or on the sidelines of the festival.Moreover, the plays are scheduled to be performed for two consecutive show nights as well as they can be performed for additional show nights outside cairo with the coordination with the troop.

So far there have been 74
performances from different countries that were submitted to the festival’s 28th edition besides 51 of the Egyptian performances from several production entities. The festival’s scouting committee has decided to extend the time limit of performances’ submission in order to give wider opportunities to those who couldn’t finalise their submission applications

The management board of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre for the 28th edition was earlier appointed by Ines Abdel Dayem the minister of Culture with the formation of Gamal Yaqout as the president of the festival,Mohammed Al Shafeiy and Saeed Qabil as the festival managers and by the contributions of Huda wasfy , Abu Elhassan Sallam,Ayman EL Shewy, Ahmed Mijahed,Asmaa Yahia Al Taher and Hazem Chebl as members of the board.

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