Intellectual Axes
Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater (CIFET)
Twenty-ninth Edition, September1-8, 2022

An invitation for researchers -inside and outside Egypt- to take part in the scientific conference of Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater, 2022
Under the patronage of the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdeldayem, CIFET -headed by Dr. Gamal Yakout- announces launching its new edition through an international scientific conference, which will be held within the events of the 29th edition, 2022, entitled:
Theatrical Experimentation and Technological Development

The conference aims at discussing how technological development affected experimentation methods in contemporary theater and examining the impacts of technology, digital systems, and virtual worlds on the art of drama in general and theatrical performances’ techniques and elements in the world’s theaters nowadays.

The conference includes a set of research axes which tackle all theatrical creation fields in terms of writing, presentation, performance, design, implementation, and marketing. Thus, the conference offers valuable opportunities for taking part in all fields of theatrical creation.

The festival publishes the research papers -approved by the jury- in CIFET research book. Additionally, the festival bears the expenses of travel, accommodation, and internal transportation for the authors of the approved research papers, from Arab and foreign countries.

Eventually, we invite all interested researchers -inside and outside Egypt- to take part in this scientific conference, which is regarded as an exceptional annual cultural event for playwrights. We hope the festival will benefit the scientific research movement in the fields of theatrical creation.

Conference Themes
First: The impact of technology on contemporary theatrical writing techniques
-Structures of the virtual world scenes and techniques of writing in terms of impacts and vulnerability
-The Impact of digital technology on the mechanisms of production and reception in contemporary world theater

Second: The presence of technology in the scenography of the world’s theaters nowadays
-The scenes’ machine and the role of modern technology in establishing new methods for visual image makers
-Theatrical images’ modalities and their development in digital systems of virtual reality

Third: Theory of theatrical performance and contemporary digital technological developments
-Transformations of the theory of theatrical performance in shows that depend on digital technology
-Boundaries and areas of experimentation in regard to digital technology in contemporary theater

Fourth: The dominance of technology over performing arts in contemporary theater
-Theater and digital and harmonious performing arts -Future prospects and challenges
-Theater and the relation between the machine and the body… From the humanization of machines to the creation of new models such as the cyborg and digital theater

Terms and Conditions for Taking Part in the Conference
-Adherence of the participating research papers to international scientific standards… In addition to their relevance to the proposed themes of the conference… Authenticity in following the methodology of scientific research and documentation of references and sources in the main body of research papers
-The novelty of research papers; they shall not be previously published or presented in any other scientific theses or conferences
-Attaching a brief CV to the research paper -not exceeding 250 words- indicating the name, work, degree, age, nationality, and previous experiences
-Submitting the research papers to:
-The number of research words should not be less than 3000 in Simplified Arabic font for Arabic research papers and in Arial font for other foreign languages… The font sizes are as follows: 14 for texts, 16 for headlines… The space between lines should be 1.5
-Research papers in the following languages will be accepted: Arabic/English/Français… An electronic copy in (MS Word Doc) and (PDF) formats should be submitted via e-mail
-The submitted research papers are subject to scientific arbitration by a group of specialized professors… The committee has the right to reject any of the submitted research papers without giving reasons… Additionally, the committee has the right to ask the researcher to make necessary amendments
-The researchers must pay particular attention to linguistic proofreading before submission, for the appropriate use of language falls within the framework of research evaluation
-CIFET accepts research papers submitted by interior decorators and lighting designers who have experience in dealing with technology in theatrical performances… The performances should include the use of multimedia; not through merely reading the research… The previously-mentioned point also applies to critics who would like to present a demonstration of technological use in theater
Research papers submission deadline: June 10, 2022
-The winning researchers -who have the right to participate in the scientific conference to be held during the festival’s events- will be announced on July 1, 2022
-After assessment and evaluation, research papers will be published among CIFET publications