Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre

29th edition

1 to 11 September 2022

Cairo, Egypt

The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre (CIFET) invites applications for its upcoming, 29th edition, to be held in Egypt in September 2022. The theme of the upcoming edition is ‘Experimentation and Technological Development’.
Organized annually by the Ministry of Culture of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the CIFET is a competitive festival with a mission to create communication and dialogue among diverse populations and communities through the various forms of theater. It aims to introduce the latest developments in the international theater scene to Egyptian and Arab audiences, while also serving as a platform for local and regional theater productions for the benefit of the specialists and festivals from all over the world.
  • The accepted performances will be presented for two consecutive nights throughout the festival’s days, additional performances may be staged outside Cairo at the discretion of the festival and with a prior arrangement with the visiting troupe.
  • Performances that have applied to participate in previous editions of the festival and were not selected may re-apply for the 29th edition.
  • The festival will cover all accommodation and local transportation expenses for up to 15 persons per delegation. The number of the administrative and technical team of the group should not exceed 5 people. The festival does not cover air tickets, costs of equipment and sets’ shipping, or costs related to health insurance and other expenses.
  • The participating group shall cover air tickets, shipping costs of the equipment and sets, health insurance and any additional expenses.
  • All performances will be staged for free to the public, and the festival does not provide any remuneration to the groups.
  • The duration of the performance should be between 30 and 90 minutes for programming purposes. The accepted performances which duration exceeds 90 minutes will have to be adjusted to comply with the festival’s requirements.
  • The applicants must not make any changes to the performance submitted to the festival, should they be selected.
  • The accepted performances are committed to sending all needed information on time.
  • Participating performances are selected by the festival’s screening committee, An application submitted without a link to an uploaded video of the full performance will be considered incomplete and as such it will not be taken into consideration.
  • The deadline for submitting the plays is 14 April 2022, and the selected performances will be announced in May 2022 through a direct communication with the groups.
  • The groups will be contacted via the official email mentioned in the participation form.
Festival Awards
Grand prize: Amount of 500,000 Egyptian pounds awarded to the best performance
Five other prizes are awarded for different theater components chosen by the jury. The value of each of them is 100,000 Egyptian pounds.