Othello, a Georgian performance, tackles jealousy mania within the 30th edition of Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater

Cairo, September 7, 2023

The Georgian performance “Othello,” written and directed by Gia Margania and Dimitri Khvtisiashvili, was staged by Cairo Puppet Theater as part of the CIFET’s official competition performances, chaired by Dr. Sameh Mahran, and in the presence of the jury. Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy about jealousy is modernized in this performance. The puppet theater’s management, headed by Dr. Osama Mohamed Ali, handed the performance director a certificate of appreciation

Shakespeare’s tragedy pits the treacherous Iago against his trusting friend, Othello, and embodies jealousy, betrayal, and racism in ways that are still audible today. The makers of this Georgian performance, on the other hand, attempt to present the theme in a contemporary manner by employing modern tools

The actors realize the dramatic effect of dolls and objects, which they spread not only to replace humans with miniatures. Instead, they cast puppets to play the parts, revealing Shakespeare’s metaphorical underpinnings. Puppets give the characters and situations a new dimension. All is fair in the war for power and love, and history reveals how the villain Iago, using dirty tricks and lies, deceives and mutilates the thoughts of the naive and loving warlord Othello in order to gain power himself. A new version of Shakespeare’s drama about human jealousy – a family-friendly performance

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