Charlie kicks off the 30th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater

Cairo, September 1, 2023

The 30th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater, headed by Dr. Sameh Mahran, kicked off with “Charlie” written by Dr. Medhat El Adl and directed by Ahmed El Bohy at Cairo opera House

Dr. Neveen Al-Kilany, Minister of Culture, Dr. Sameh Mahran, Festival President, members of the Festival’s supreme Committee, a number of Egyptian and Arab artists and celebrities, and a group of Ministry of Culture leaders attended the CIFET’s opening ceremony


The play is based on the life of Charlie Chaplin, a British actor and legend who lived in the Victorian era (1889-1977), an icon in the world of cinema, one of the fathers of the comedy genre, and The Silent Film Era. Chaplin is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in film history following his breakthrough performance in “The Tramp.” His art career lasted from his childhood until a year before his death


Charlie is a musical show that tells the story of Charlie Chaplin from a humane perspective, shedding light on the challenges he endured in his life and career as an artist

the title role of “Charlie Chaplin” is played by Mohamed Fahim and the play Starring: Nour Qadri, Ayman Al-Shiwi, Dalia Elguindy, Hany Mustafa (singer), Rewan Elghaba, and fifty young actors and dancers, Composer Ehab Abd ElWahed, Choreographer: Amr Patrick, Arranger: Nader Hamdi, Costume design: Reem El Adl, Décor: Hazem Shebel, Accessories Dr. Mohamed Saad, Producer: Sea Cinema, Hany Naguib and Ahmed Fahmi


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