Sameh Mahran Is Presiding Over CIFET 2023

The Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevine Al-Kilani, has appointed Dr. Sameh Mahran as the President of Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater (CIFET) in the thirty edition, 2023.
Following the resolution, Mahran stated that he will exert utmost efforts to present an edition befitting the name of Egypt and its unique theatrical history. Furthermore, he sheds light on the Egyptian leadership through this distinguished festival that was established over 30 years ago. CIFET has granted opportunities for exchanging experiences among Egyptian theater specialists and their fellows from across the world through its consecutive editions.
It is noteworthy that the Drama Professor, Dr. Sameh Mahran, was appointed as the President of the Academy of Arts and the Head of the Theater Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture. Moreover, he chaired the National Center for Theater, Music and Folk Arts. Previously, he took over the presidency of CIFET for Four Editions. Additionally, Mahran presented numerous theatrical texts, including: “the Collar and the Bracelet”, “the Sand Child”, “Al-Aistijwab”, “Duditello”, “the Seven Days of Man”, “Al-Marakbi/the Boatman”, “Taht Al-Shams”, “the Last Rehearsals”, “the Great Heist”, “Al-Ma’janah”, etc. There are also other texts which were translated into several foreign languages. Mahran published multiple critical and research writings, such as: “Feminist Criticism and Theater: Contemporary Theatrical Approaches to Text Analysis, the Modernity of Theater, the Greek Tragedy… A Moment of Transcendence. Eventually, Mahran took part in the juries of several theatrical festivals in Egypt and the Arab world.