CIFET Presents 27 Publications in Its 29th Edition

Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater (CIFET) -headed by Dr. Gamal Yakout- presents multiple diversified publications in its 29th edition, reaching (27) publications by writers of different nationalities from all over the world, including: translations, studies, and scientific researches in theater and its sciences.

The publications include: (Peter Brook Theater) edited and prepared by Dr. Bashar Aliwi, (Microteatro Plays) translated by Dr. Khaled Salem, (Contemporary African Plays) translated by Dr. Asmaa Yahia Al-Taher, (Hiding in the Light) “postmodern experiences from the Italian theater” translated by Wael Farouq, (Eugène Ionesco) “counter-theater… Notes and Counter-Notes” translated by Dr. Saeed Karimi, (From Micro-drama to Counter-Theater) translated by Dr. Doaa Amer, (Theater… Experimentation and Technology) “when humans and images quarrel on stage” translated and presented by Dr. Mohamed Seif, and (Peter Brook Theater between the African Experience and Shakespeare) translated and presented by Dr. Mohamed Seif.

Furthermore, the publications also include: (Theater and Communication and Information Technology… Digital Theater as a Model) by Dr. Sebaai El-Sayed, (Aesthetics of Digital Technologies in Forming International Theatrical Performances) by Dr. Mohamed Kazem Hashem, (the Linkage Between Digital Media and Simulation Concept in Theatrical Performances) by Mahmoud Sabry, and (Digital Images in Theatrical Performances Between Dramatic Action and Multimedia) by Jordanian writer Dr. Najwa Ibrahim Kandakji.

Moreover, CIFET’s publications encompass: (the Discourse of Hybrid Bodies in Contemporary Performing Arts) by Nouran Mahdi Abdel Aziz, (Virtual Reality and Actors’ Performance in Digital Theater) by Dr. Ali Mohamed Ebeid, (Light and Forming the Void) by Amr Al-Ashraf, (Theatrical Experimentation and Technological Development) “intellectual hubs researches” a group of authors / prepared by Yousry Hassan, (Experimental Scripts) the shortlist of the short experimental script writing competition “three parts” a group of authors / prepared by Yousry Hassan, and (Cyborg Theatre) “Corporeal/Technological Intersections in Multimedia Performance” by Jennifer Parker and translated by Ahmed Abdel Fattah.

Eventually, the other publications are as follows: (Short Performances Scripts) a group of authors / prepared by Yousry Hassan, (When a Robot Writes a Play) translated by Hayel Ali Al-Mathabi, (the Conference of the Birds) translated by Abdel Ghani Daoud, (the Dramaturgy of Shows in a Director’s Career) translated by Qasim Beatley, and (Peter Brook… Boredom is the Devil) “viewpoints on theater” presented and translated by Dr. Mohamed Seif, in addition to the (Festival Guide).

It is noteworthy that the 29th edition of CIFET bears the name of the world-famous playwright Peter Brook. The 29th edition is scheduled to take place between 1-8 September, chaired by Dr. Gamal Yakout and held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevine Al-Kilani.