CIFET Announces the Members of the Watching and Screening Committees of Its Competitions

CIFET Announces the Members of the Watching and Screening Committees of Its Competitions

Khaled Galal is the jury head of the official competition… Along with the members: the Italian Danilo Cremonte and Jordanian artist Ali Elalyan

Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater (CIFET) -headed by Dr. Gamal Yakout- announced during a press conference held at the Supreme Council of Culture the screening committees for its multiple competitions within the proceedings of the (29th) edition, in the presence of: festival directors (artist Saeed Kabil and Dr. Mohamed Al-Shafei) and Dr. Asmaa Yahia Al-Taher Abdullah, member of the higher committee of CIFET.

Artist Saeed Kabil announced the names of the juries’ members:

The jury of the official competition includes the iconic filmmaker Khaled Galal (as the president). The members are as follows: Jordanian artist Ali Elalyan, Kuwaiti writer Nermin Al-Houti, Swedish artist Karl Birger Leonardo, Italian director Danilo Cremonte, Polish artist Dawid Tomas Zkozlowski and English artist Richard Talbot.

Regarding the watching committee of the Egyptian performances, it consists of: Dr. Hatem Hafiz, critic Mohamed Mosaad, artist Munadil Antar, director Hani Afifi, and artist Akram Naguib (committee rapporteur). The watching committee of the Arab shows includes: director Nasser Abdel Moniem, director Hani Al-Matnawi, critic Rasha Abdel Moniem, scenographer Mahmoud Sabry, and artist Hisham Abbas (committee rapporteur).

As for the watching committee of the foreign shows, it consists of: director Essam El-Sayed, director and scenographer Omar Al-Moataz Billah, critic Bassem Adel, critic Khaled Raslan, and artist Eslam Awad (committee rapporteur).

Concerning the short performances competition, the watching committee includes: Dr. Asmaa Yahia, decorator Hazem Shebl, and Dr. Mohamed Al-Shafei. The jury of the previously-mentioned competition consists of artist Mohsen Mansour as the head, along with the members: Dr. Asmaa Yahia, and decorator Hazem Shebl.

As for the experimental theater club competition, the watching and screening committee includes director Ahmed Taha as the head, along with the members: writer Saeed Hagag, decorator Amr Al-Ashraf, and director Shady Al-Daly.

It is noteworthy that the 29th edition of CIFET bears the name of the world-famous playwright Peter Brook. The 29th edition is scheduled to take place between 1-8 September, chaired by Dr. Gamal Yakout and held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevine Al-Kilani.