Gardi Hutter trains actors for “Clown arts” in #CIFET28

The trainer Gardi Hutter is presenting a workshop entitled “clown arts “ during the 28th edition of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre.the workshop will be based on training participants on the art of improvisation and coming up with ideas in order to develop a surprising story for the audience.

The Trainer will be focusing on intensified exercises for human voice and body. Besides relaxation exercises to purify the actors minds.Ghardy will be asking the workshop participants to bring along their ideas,accessories,costumes to have a look and accordingly put them to the suitable function of each.

The workshop is mainly based on the theme of that it is easy to be complicated but the difficulty is to be simple.That the clown needs clear logical fundamental as well as surprising ideas that may look simple on the surface while they hold great depth.

Hutter has previously presented 9 clown performances for theatre and one for the circus. She also has won 19 local and international prizes.