Aleksander Janas to present stage technology workshop in #CIFET28

Among the rich agenda of the upcoming edition of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre,the reputable theatre trainer Lexander Janas is decided to present a workshop entitled “stage technology “.

The workshop shall be beneficial for all theatre artists,trainers and designers.It would also be useful for animators and those of any other specialisation who care to learn more and gain wider experience as well as sharing their own with others.
The workshop number of Participants will be a group of 10 individuals max.

Alexander Janas
(born 1982) is the creator of the visual setting and the spectacle, stage design, multimedia installations, mapping. In the new technology, he work such as creating, designing, stereo holography, VR, linking them with analog, technical and visual techniques. Co-founder of the collective. He is also involved in education in the field of interactive media and technology, conducting workshops on work with different groups and techniques. He collaborated with many theaters and institutions (including the Polish Theater in Warsaw, the Powszechny Theater, Greenpeace Polska, the National Audiovisual Institute, the East European Platform for Performing Arts and the Theater Institute or Grotowski Institute). He provided a visual setting for nearly 60 performances in Poland and abroad.