Acting workshop by Lina Khoury in #CIFET28

The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre is to hold an acting workshop during the upcoming 28th edition that is to run from 14-19 December 2021.

The workshop trainer Lina Khory who’s a well known lebanese actor and director has entitled the workshop “How to present a monologue audition “,saying that it will basically focus on training the participants how to present a successful audition for casting purposes.Lina added that she will be focusing on training actors how to understand,interpret and analyze the script as well as building a solid characterisation to show off their talents.The workshop will also contain practices for how the actor is to use their body language and human voice and presence besides training them how to listen to and process directors’ instructions with flexibility and professionalism.

The workshop duration is decided to be 3 hours and the participants will be maximum a group of 10 individuals. The selected participants would be asked to prepare either a tragic or a comic monologue to apply the workshop basics to.

Lina Khoury was born in 1976,worked as a director,producer,script writer as well as an acting trainer.She worked for the Lebanese University,American university and Lebanese academy for fine arts.
Khoury is a well known female figure that used to approach controversial topics in her plays.
The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre is held under the supervision of the Egyptian ministry of Culture and minister of Culture Dr.Ines Abdel Dayem.