Actor creativity and improvisation workshop by Danilo cremonte to be launched in #CIFET28

The Italian actor and director Danilo Cremonte is set to present a workshop in the upcoming edition of the cairo international festival for Experimental Theatre entitled “Creativity and improvisation “.

The workshop is planned to contain professional training for actors about the basics of body language such as; the systemised breathing according to either physical or physical emotional tension
;besides the sound/voice rhythm as well as to train about the interaction between actors and their surroundings.

The workshop duration will be 20 hours divided to 4 hours daily for 5 consecutive days.

the trainees selected by the festival management will not exceed 20 participants .

Those who are interested will be registering through festival’s official website and social media platforms through attached link.

Danilo says that this workshop that searching and examining our own motivations as actors will be the core guiding line and principle to apply through out the whole training process.the actors along with him as a trainer will be asked to look into their very own personal stories and experiences through a bundle of games to practice the usage of space,energy and rhythms.

Danilo cremonte is a well known Italian actor and director.He works as the president of the cultural association and the artistic director of immature theatre institutionsince 1989.Cremonte is also a visiting professor in “chandong” national theatre of china since 2019.