CIFET Extends The Deadline for Theatre Researches Until 4 October 2021

The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre
extends the deadline for theatre researches until 4 October 2021

In its 28th edition, the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater has announced the extension of deadline to receive abstracts of researches aiming to be published within the event’s Intellectual Segment. The new deadline for the abstracts is Monday, 4 October 2021.

The festival welcomes researches around the topic of “Experimentation: between production and reception”, inviting researchers from Egypt, Arab countries and international scene to take part in the initiative.

The festival’s Intellectual Segment will tackle topics such as:

  • the influence of production entities that provide grants and tools used within the theatrical experimentation
  • the role of research and scientific institutions in creating impact on theatrical productions and their reception
  • the experimentation and philosophy of theatrical production institutions
    The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater’s 28th edition which will take place between 14 and 19 December is presided over by Gamal Yakout. Organized by the Egyptian culture ministry, the annual festival has a competitive character and it aims at boosting and contributing to the dialogue and exchange of knowledge and theatrical practices between different cultures and communities through a variety of theatrical forms and performing arts at large.
  • The festival aims to present the latest developments in the international theater scene to Egyptian and Arab audiences, while providing an overview of local and regional theater productions to the large scope of theatre professionals and general public.