An Egyptian Tunisian collaboration discussed by Gamal Yaqout and the Tunisian ambassador in Cairo

CIFET president dr Gamal yaqout has recently held a meeting with the Tunisian ambassador Mohammed bn yusuf within a future strategy that targets widening and enlarging the arab and international collaboration in the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre different activities.

Dr Gamal said that it was a wonderful meeting referring that he was warmly welcomedby the Tunisian ambassador and the cultural delegate of Tunisia.yaqout also declared his hope for this meeting to be a fruitful start for further future movement to end up in a real theatrical renaissance.

The Tunisian embassy also expressed their enthusiasm for the meeting and what it is to result in. The Tunisian ambassador muhammad bn yussuf said that the Tunisian participation in the CIFET is an inspiration that he and his embassy cares to continue and evolve. The ambassador also expressed his country’s intentions to develop the cooperation and interaction with Egypt in the theatrical domain.