CIFET launches “Experimental theatre club”

Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre is to launch “experimental theatre club” in collaboration with the general public organization for cultural palaces.

Dr. Gamal Yaqout -the president of the festival- said that the club project aims to open new horizon and allow more chances to theatrical artists in each and every Egyptian province to perform and present new theatre experiments that have pioneer ideas that target experimentation on the levels of every theatrical and production factor.the general organization for cultural palaces that already has campuses and intellectual figures all over Egypt is capable of reaching out to every artist in egypt.
The main target of the club project is to widen and extend the influence and presence of the festival to cover not only Cairo as the capital city but also every small province all over the country.

Dr gamal also referred to that the activities of the club will not be limited to the yearly duration of the festival but will be extended to cover almost the whole year.He also added that the club empowers the festival to have an effective role in training the artists on the fundamentals of the theatrical experimentation.

Artist Said Quabil -the artistic director – saud that we were used to see different and outstanding theatrical experiments in various governorates and we aim to attract these distinguished talents and experiments to develp their tools through closely supervise and train them.

Director Hisham Atwa -president of GOCP- announced that the club will post an announcement and an application form to receive submissions from the artists. Then, a committee will be evaluating the submitted projects to choose from.He added that the performances will compete for winning a prize that will be announced in the festival’s closing ceremony.